AR in Manufacturing Industry

Remote consulting is the area in which  the Realmax AR glasses are currently the most widely used. The eye-level 16-megapixel camera provides the basis for this. 

Especially in maintenance, service or inspections, audiovisual support can be particularly valuable:

  1. Availability of expert knowledge in real time everywhere

  2. Reduction of downtimes

  3. Increase of efficiency and speed of maintenance work

  4. Reduction of travel costs or even avoiding trips altogether

AR in Healthcare Industry

As in the manufacturing industries, remote consulting can be very valuable in the healthcare industry as well. With the Realmax AR glasses, the quality of the image is key: operations can be filmed and watched in real-time even from outside the operating room. This leads to numerous possibilities in, e.g., training medical students.

Another area of use is documentation. Filmed operations can be included in the patient data, which has advantages from, e.g., the point of view of quality of treatment.

AR in Education

In the future of Education as well, remote consulting and remote training play an essential role.

Especially in vocational learning, where students need to acquire skills through repetition and practice, teachers can guide them in real time and at the exact right moment, as the task at hand proceeds.

As in maintenance work, the fact that the device leaves the user's hands free, is a great advantage. Similarly, the control-by-voice feature is a valuable one.

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Deepen human understanding by making AR accessible to everyone.

Fast, safe and  smart

The Realmax AR glasses are fast, safe and smart. The device being completely hands-free and controlled by voice, it allows the professional to operate the tools and equipment needed for the task at hand. He or she will also be able to maintain full situation awareness at all times, as well as maximum productivity.

Storage of data

 All photos, videos and recordings resulting from the use of the Realmax AR glasses are stored in the Realmax cloud. They can also be connected to other information, e.g., patient data. Also the user organisations's own material, such as installation instructions and construction drawings, can be accessed with the device's Document Navigation function in the right place at the right time, that is, while performing the actual task/phase of, e.g., an installation process.

The fact that the image from the device can be seen simultaneously by a large number of people located far away, is meaningful in, e.g., e-learning. In this regard, it is also important that the quality of the image is excellent. With AR and 3D techology, it is possible to  add text etc. on the image, which further helps the learning process.

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