human understanding by making AR accessible to everyone.

What is Realmax

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, Realmax is one of the leading companies in the domain of Augmented Reality. By combining software, hardware, content and services, Realmax aims to enhance human understanding by making AR accessible to everyone.


In the field of industry, Realmax has recently introduced the world’s first real hands-free and fully ruggedized head-mounted tablet solution for connected industrial workers. The solution is also piloted and becoming increasingly applicable in the hospital settings.


Realmax is currently partnering with the world’s top companies through the Realmax“Global Partnership Program” to identify opportunities and convert AR technologies into commercialized products across tourism, medical, entertainment, e-commerce and gaming.

Realmax provides best AR solution for Medical, Industry and Education

The Realmax AR glasses currently come with the opportunity to store photos and videos, and to handle documents such as installation instructions and construction drawings. Future software will enable remote mentoring, workflow management, the use of IoT Data (monitoring, remote control, automation and advanced reporting) as well as the use of 3D solutions.

Contact Realmax

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 Business ID: FI28422918