• Realmax Oy

RealWear HMT-1 part of PoC with Finnish Food Authority

RealMax Oy, the Finnish Food Authority, Devoca Oy and Oy Konttorityö have conducted a project whose goal was to facilitate the work of the meat inspectors working in slaughterhouses. The solution tested in the PoC was a combination of AR smart glasses (RealWear HMT-1), a voice recognition solution (Devoca Talk'n Pick), and Philips Speech Live, represented by Oy Konttorityö. All proved to be very valuable for the success of the project, which aimed, e.g., at turning dictation into text.

The inspection process became easier and more efficient through the fact that there was no need for written records or entering data into the computer any more. It was also useful for the accuracy of the actual inspection work to have eyes and hands free for it.

The results of the PoC are now being assessed by the Finnish Food Authority. It will decide on the continuation of the project by the end of the year.